How to promote my event

One thing is to create an event, an article, a website, … and another thing is to promote it to reach the interested people. Even when we have an event ready, if we are not able to spread it, it will not help us.

So, how do we spread the event?

One of the best free techniques we know is to promote your guruwalk event in the Facebook groups of your city. We will now tell you how to do it.

  1. Go to the Facebook search bar, in the top left and write the name of your city as shown in the following image.
Showing a search on Facebook.

2. On the next screen, Facebook shows us everything related to Rabat. However, we only want the “groups”. Thus, press the “Groups” tab shown in yellow.

Showing the results of a search on Facebook.

3. A list of all the Rabat groups will appear.

Not all groups are insteresting to promote your guruwalk. So we have to choose very well, following this example for Rabat:

  1. Expats in Rabat
  2. Rabat travelers
  3. Rabat events
  4. Expats Morocco (you can choose places near your cities to promote the guruwalk)
  5. Spaniards in Rabat or English or French, etc …
  6. Couchsurfing Rabat
  7. Erasmus in Rabat

There are endless possibilities and groups to publish. But what are the groups that are really effective?

If the group counts on than 1000 members is very important. However, it’s also essential to see if the group is alive or dead. It’s easy to know when you see how many posts are made in this group. If they have 10,000 members but they don’t have new posts, it will not help. However, if it has 2000 members and many posts, it means that the community is very active and will see your post.

Preview of a Facebook group of expat in Rabat.

When you enter the group, you can see when it was the last post. In this case it was 20 hours ago, so we know that group members are active and will see your event. 🙂

We recommend you to promote your guruwalk from time to time in all these groups. In this way, you will receive many more bookings for free!

Fan Page on Facebook!

Facebook is the biggest social network and one of the most used by people so, why don’t you create a Fan Page?
You can invite every walker that you receive from GuruWalk and create your own walkers community. They will recommend you on Facebook, they will publish their photos with you…

Do you know about Facebook Live?

It’s a feature of Facebook that allows us to record short videos in streaming. It’s awesome because if you are doing a guruwalk you can record it at the same time and post it on your Fan Page. 🙂

Instagram Age!

Instagram is growing fast around the world and many of your future walkers are on this social network.
Most people between 17 to 30 years old have an Instagram account, enjoying sharing pictures and stories about their trips and why not about your guruwalk. 😉

Register on Instagram! It’s easy and you can promote your guruwalk and reach many people for free 🙂

The hashtag #guruwalk is already created!

Many people know GuruWalk and they already look for our brand. If you tag your content with the #guruwalk, it will be easier for people to find you on Instagram to book your guruwalk.

Don’t just upload pictures with your walkers, try to do better than others.

For example, you can upload pictures with curious things of your citystories about the real life in your city, share the experiences that happened during your guruwalks, record your walkers recommending your tour… 🙂