What is the PRO plan and how to be part of it?

What is the PRO plan and how to be part of it?

  • Unlimited reservations on all your guruwalks. Do you want to decide the number of travelers you receive on your tours? This is your plan!
  • Greater visibility. Your guruwalks appear in the first positions and travelers will reserve much more often with you. In addition, you will have the label "PRO Quality Verified by GuruWalk" on all your tours.
  • We launch  Google AdWords campaigns for your city and incorporate your tours into the ads, dramatically increasing your bookings.
  • Personalized assistance to optimize your tours and offer the best experiences for your travelers.
  • All walkers who visit the site via Google Ads or affiliates only see the PRO tours. 98% of bookings across the board go to the PRO tours.

➡️To join the PRO plan you must be contacted by one of the GuruWalk team members. To do so, the following will be taken into account: 

1) Your profile or the destination where you have published your tours meets the requirements to be part of the PRO plan,

2) That we can guarantee that being part of the PRO plan will bring you value and a great improvement.

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